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The Firehouse || Elliot x Leif


Elliot’s smile widened slightly at Leif’s praise before wrapping his towel around his waist and heading out the shower and into the dressing room. The paramedic got into his shirt and pants, knowing full well he was about to get right out of them again. The prospect had his human self nervous and jittery, an odd contrast to the heated anticipation that that instinctual side of him felt. 

What exactly were they going to do? Make out? Grope a bit? Actually….fuck? Elliot licked his lips, feeling his pulse pound heavy in his veins at the thought. He grabbed his bag from the bench between the lockers and headed out to the paramedic’s office. The room was small, but somehow a couch that folded out into a bed had been crammed into it, along with a work desk. With the bed out, space got tight, but tight spaces had never scared Elliot.

Going to the windows, Elliot shut all the blinds. It wasn’t an odd gesture. Paramedics, fire and rescue squad members alike often slept here. In fact, it was encouraged. If someone was exhausted after a shift, they preferred that the staff rested at the station before going home. Sitting down on the couch to wait, the god-creature let his mind linger on Leif. The olive skin, the jewel-bright eyes… that forked tongue… 

Elliot let out a quiet, helpless groan of amusement as he felt his pants grow a little tighter. One of his hand slid down to cup himself, squeezing the bulge growing there. It was almost hilarious, if not for the fact that Elliot felt like he was losing control of himself. The thought of bedding men had never appealed, but then, Elliot hadn’t been an overly sexual person to begin with. He’d had one girlfriend through high school, and a few dates since they’d mutually agreed to break up but sex just didn’t preoccupy the god-creature’s mind like most stereotypes would suggest of a man. This was like a second puberty and he wasn’t sure he liked it. 

Leif didn’t bother getting dressed, at least not completely. Sweatpants, a generic shirt from the plethora of spare cotton athletics that the firehouse seemed to have. He wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, how far Elliot’s experimentation may go, but he didn’t really mind being the lab rat. He let Elliot go off to the room first, lingered in the locker room, putting away some of his gear, re-organizing his go bag casually until he felt enough time had passed that he could truly be discreet like the Elliot desired.

He entered the paramedic office, shutting the door and locking it behind him. His eyes flickered to Elliot, a smile edging into his features as he caught the other with his hand over his crotch.

"So…" he began, unsure where to take things from since he wasn’t entirely sure that Elliot was feeling entirely sane at the moment.

He moved to the other man’s side, taking a seat down next to him. he folded his hands, leaning forward casually as he blew out a with held breath.

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The Firehouse || Elliot x Leif


Elliot’s hands clenched slowly against his own chest when Leif leaned his head down and touched their lips together. It felt absurdly good. All that touched were their lips, but warmth flushed through his entire body. When Elliot broke the kiss, he stared steadily at Leif. Was this all purely physical? Just…something they needed to work out and it would pass? 

The thought of bedding Leif was alien but it would be a bold faced lie to say Elliot’s body wasn’t very interested. The god-creature’s body was already reacting to even the close proximity and the delicate touch of skin on skin. Uncurling a hand, Elliot reached out and caressed his fingers along the column of Leif’s neck. They traced up, up so his thumb could slide over Leif’s jawline.

Elliot’s taste in partners ran towards petite, curvy women with pixie haircuts and doll-like grins and Leif was so far from any of what he usually wanted. The dragon was all hard muscle, warm skin and…not human. Breathing a soft, fortifying breath, the unicorn moved out of the stream of water. 

"You still have soap on your skin," He said, his gaze steady and heated. "Kaylee went home as soon as the shift ended. The paramedic’s office has lockable doors and blinds over the windows…." Clearing his throat, the god-creature reached for his towel and shook it out before drying his hair. He made no move to hide himself, not his arousal-flushed skin, not the hardening erection between his legs. Turning away, Elliot caught himself and looked back at Leif.

"If…we do this, I trust you to be discreet," Elliot stared at him, "This doesn’t effect the workplace, right?" 

Leif had no such conflict. He liked sex, his god-creature liked sex, and the later had never interfered with the preferences of the former, as long as its appetites were satisfied on a regular basis. When their lips parted, and he felt that tentative hand curiously touching his neck he watched Elliot, examining his features as the other man worked out all his inner turmoil over what he did and didn’t want with the dragon.

He wanted to tell him that this, all of it was all perfectly natural. That he shouldn’t worry so much. But in truth he just didn’t know. He had never heard of a god-creature that would force it’s desires so prominently out of the blue. Especially in a non-predatory creature like a unicorn. So elegant and gentle and pure, and all the sudden…BAM! You want to fuck men. Sounded like something out of those Christian fundamentalist scare videos.

He smiled, stepping beneath the spray to finish rinsing himself off. His emerald eyes never left Elliot as the other got out of the shower and began to dry himself with great determination not to show nervousness or modesty in the face of what was happening between them.

He simply nodded to Elliot’s diagnostic over the preferred room. It sounded like the most private place for the pair of them. And putting aside Elliot’s need for discretion, Leif himself really wasn’t too fond of the idea of being interrupted.

"I can do that…" he promised lightly, not really the type to brag anyway.

He stepped out of the shower, shaking his mess of wet hair like a bemused hound. He offered another smile to the other, nodding faintly. “Don’t worry about that, I can compartmentalize. I like working with competent people” he praised casually

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The Firehouse || Elliot x Leif


The paramedic pursed his lips, listening closely. Leif was the first of their kind that he’d met and he ate up everything the dragon had to say about the god-creatures. That Leif was protective over his territory made sense; the man was a dragon in human skin after all. The mention that Leif wanted to fuck him didn’t fail to pinken the unicorn’s cheeks and he looked studiously down at the drain. 

"Uh, yeah," Elliot replied when Leif expressed his surprise,"It’s gentle and insistent about certain things but sex was never one of them… it actually never seemed interested in sex, to be honest. Took, uh, some working up to thing for me to get into it…"The paramedic flushed. He was talking about his sex life. He was talking about his sex life with a stranger. And one that had admitted to wanting to fuck him at that. 

Hearing Leif move closer, Elliot looked over. He laughed quietly, his cheeks darkening a little more, “So you’re saying….we should have some professional curiosity? Try n’ get to the bottom of this? For science?” The young man said. His shoulders stiffened a little when Leif’s head lowered and the soft fork of Leif’s tongue slid against his damp lips. The sensation was ticklish and it split a nervous smile across Elliot’s face despite his apprehension. This could be a huge mistake…

A wet hand reached up to hook behind the dragon’s neck, gently angling him so the unicorn could shyly slant their lips together. Elliot’s lips parted and his tongue slid forward to meet that Leif’s serpentine one in a very brief kiss. He tasted of peppermint toothpaste; having brushed his teeth before showering for the night. 

Pulling back, Elliot’s cheeks were all the darker and the scent of arousal had spiked sharply.He wasn’t accustomed to this and he cleared his throat as he gingerly pulled his hand away from Leif’s neck. The dragon’s skin had felt good under his fingers. It had felt even better under his lips and tongue and it embarrassed him that he was almost panting for more. 

"This r-really isn’t one of your powers?" Elliot asked, his voice cracking a little. 

Leif smiled at the other’s joke. “No, I’m saying you should… for science. I’m not the one who’s getting his wires messed with…” he mused, remaining still as he felt the unicorn respond, albeit carefully.

He leaned in lower as Elliot’s hand hooked the back of his neck, allowing the stranger to lead and briefly kiss him. His dragon side immediately snapped to attention at the brief contact. Intrigued by having Elliot so near. He purred into the kiss, letting his odd, forked tongue remain in place of his human one. He couldn’t speak with it, but he didn’t wish to change a thing until Elliot was done with his experiment.

When the unicorn questioned him he shook his head, waiting a second for his tongue to form back into something capable of speech before he answered. “No… I wish it was” he admitted, brows raising in earnest.

He leaned in, placing his own kiss to the other’s lips. It was much the same, slow and tentative. But for a wholly different reason. He wasn’t like the unicorn, this wasn’t new to him. Not only was he used to following the instincts of the Ddraig Goch, he was used to having an attraction to men. Especially ones as finely put together as the paramedic.

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The Firehouse || Elliot x Leif


Elliot half-flinched when Leif reached towards him. He honestly wasn’t certain what to expect, but when Leif didn’t make a grab for him, the paramedic calmed a little. Though, the offer to turn his back didn’t really comfort Elliot either. 

"It doesn’t like that I’ve….been avoiding you?" Moving back under the stream of water, Elliot warmed his cooling skin. His arms crossed over his chest, bright eyes watching the dragon carefully. He snorted when Leif said that he should want to eat the unicorn. "Why? Dragons don’t eat unicorns in stories." Shaking his head, Elliot let his eyes lower. 

"It’s…it’s not personal. But it is. I just…don’t like whatever’s going on. I like women. I’ve always liked women. Then I meet you and everything’s gotten turned on it’s head. I don’t like surprises and this is a massive one." The paramedic let out a quiet bark of a laugh, glaring at the drain. "That side of me doesn’t usually give me things out of the blue like this. I never thought it’d fuck with my sex drive, that’s for sure. Unicorns are supposed to be about purity, aren’t they?”

"No, it doesn’t" he stated flatly. He knew why, or at least could hazard a guess. His other self saw Elliot as a kind of treasure. It was in his nature to try and claim and horde him. Not that he would be particularly quick to mention that bit of info. He had the distinct impression the unicorn might take it in the wrong way.

"Yeah well they don’t necessarily try and fuck them in the stories either. I’m used to responding either one of two ways when I meet people like us. Either they’re predator and I want them the fuck out of my territory, or they’re prey and I want to eat them… which makes them want the fuck out of my territory. With you it’s neither…" he confessed, trying to shed some light in the hopes that Elliot might have something to contribute.

"Really?" he seemed genuinely shocked by the other’s revelation that his god-creature didn’t take control out of the blue at times. He had been dealing with it his whole life. It was better now than it had been when he was a kid. Now he expected it, and indulged it so things would never be completely out of his control. "Mine does it all the time… Which makes it all the weirder yours is messing with you now."

He took a moment, trying to find the right way to say something. “Listen, I’m not going to call bullshit on you saying your straight. I get it… Something weird’s up. I was straight once too… Until I actually saw a vagina…” he flashed a grin at Elliot, teasing him again. “But everyone’s curious Elliot.”

He leaned in, putting his face on level with the shorter EMT’s before shifting his tongue to a more serpentine form, better built for tasting scents in the air. He flicked and rattled it, letting the pronged tips of the ribbon tickle at the seam of Elliot’s lips.

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The Firehouse || Elliot x Leif


Elliot’s sense of smell was dulled inside of the shower stall; the humidity dampening the scent of the approaching dragon. He was facing the showerhead, head bowed to let the water stream down his back and between his shoulderblades. Elliot’s long-fingered hands were braced against the tile wall and he breathed slowly as he relaxed.The day hadn’t been particularly stressful, nor had it been easy. 

Hearing the door open, Elliot straightened a little. “S’taken…” He called, assuming whomever was there would leave. When Leif’s voice reached his ears, the god-creature turned, a mix of disbelief and anger on his face. 

"Do you mind??" The unicorn snapped. His eyes flicked over Leif’s naked body before jerking up to Leif’s face. The dragon was even more attractive without his clothing, something Elliot was forcibly ignoring right then. Elliot wasn’t body shy, but he was feeling especially naked with the only man he’d felt drawn to, naked in his stall. He backed up when Leif pushed forward, eyes widening in half-panic, half-anger. "W-what do you want to talk about?? In my shower?”

Elliot’s own body wasn’t near as muscled or built as Leif’s, but he wasn’t slight either. The unicorn’s body was sculpted, though it leaned more towards slender than thick or broad. His skin was the same porcelain pale all over with the same silver curls that trailed down from his navel to his crotch. There wasn’t a mark on him; no birthmarks, no piercings, no tattoos. Nothing but the same creamy, flawless skin from tip to tail. Reaching a hand up, Elliot slicked his hair back away from his face so he could give the dragon a glare fierce enough to burn. 

"If you don’t tell me what the fuck you think you’re doing, I’m going to break your nose," Elliot threatened, even as he took another step back towards the wall. Cornered as he was, he wasn’t defenseless. 

The man had expected Elliot’s anger and knew he probably deserved it. Had it been him showering… well that was different. He certainly didn’t mind a shower buddy or two, but he doubted very much that Elliot appreciated it with all this sexual confusion.

"Oh calm down, I’m not going to jump you" he snorted, reaching behind the other to press the dispenser for some soap. "This isn’t prison… You really that nervous you can turn around. I can talk to your back as well as I can your front."

He began to lather briskly, working the soap into his hands before smoothing it through dark brown hair that turned black beneath the water.

"What the hell do you think I want to talk about? You’ve been avoiding me all week…" He huffed, placing a hand to Elliot’s shoulder and pushing him back a little so he could rinse the suds from his hair.

"It’s been bugging me, my scaley side doesn’t like it much…" he confessed, being perfectly honest because he had read on the internet that unicorns could tell if you lied. He wasn’t completely sure that was true, or if it was some half made up trash from some imaginative little girl with a horse fetish… But he’d been reading a lot of weird stuff on the internet since meeting Elliot.

"Not sure why, seems to me like my first instinct should be to eat you… but it’s not."

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The Firehouse || Elliot x Leif


Shock had the unicorn’s eyes grow round as dinner plates as Leif’s words settled in. 

"I…Y-you…" Elliot’s jaw dropped, hot color flooding his cheeks. The shriek of the alarm broke the growing, awkward tension. The god-creature all but bolted out of his seat even before the dispatcher announced what was needed. This time, it was only the ambulance so Kaylee and Elliot rode out alone. They’d been called out to help a girl who’d slipped in the shower and cracked open her head. Fortunately, it was nothing too dangerous and they’d dropped her off at the hospital, then returned back. 

When they returned, Elliot went straight to the sleeping room. Even if there wasn’t caffeine in his system, the god-creature wasn’t certain how much sleep he’d be getting. The encounter with Leif had been…enlightening, to say the least. He hoped that this wasn’t a common occurrence that came along with meeting others like him. Elliot wasn’t sure he could take the shame. 

The next week saw the unicorn avoiding Leif like he had the plague. Somehow Elliot was subtle about it. Only the dragon noticed Elliot’s comings and goings; everyone else seemed to miss the paramedic unless he made himself known. Then again, no one else had the same sense of smell or sensitivity that Leif had.

Much to Elliot’s frustration, his attraction wasn’t dying off. He still wasn’t certain he believed that Leif hadn’t been lying to him. When the rescue squad member was around, Elliot struggled to keep his eyes off of him and he was beginning to seriously consider transferring to another firehouse. It wasn’t bad when they were on the job; the unicorn’s focus went almost solely to the task at hand, but he still always seemed to be aware of where the dragon was. 

Leif had backed off for the most part, well aware that the other was attempting to avoid him any chance he got. Still he watch Elliot, having never gotten around to asking him if he;d been approached or gotten involved with any of the factions. By the looks of it the unicorn was far too green, he doubted that any of those blood thirsty idiots had even come anywhere near the EMT. But then again this was his territory, and he had already made it clear to anyone fool enough to approach that he was not interested.

He knew why Elliot was behaving the way he was. He had embarrassed himself, and not only that had admitted to an attraction that according to him, he shouldn’t have. That didn’t mean he had to be annoyed by it any less. His inner beast felt as if it had lost possession of a new toy, a shiny gold one…

Close to the end of the week Leif pondered approaching Elliot, talking through shit with him and maybe trying to determine what had Elliot’s own hormones going haywire. Usually if something was unnatural for you as a god-creature, the instincts of your inner animal was behind it. The question was why? Why would a unicorn get all hot and bothered by the prospect of a dragon. Not that his dragon was behaving any better. Least he could blame his end on the gold-lust…

He though of all of this as he entered the shower room, immediately picking up the light scent of the object of his obsession flitting about the steamy air. He purred, following the scent to the only occupied stall. He entered, locking the gate behind him as he looked down at the smaller, wetter body of Elliot.

"We need to talk" he stated flatly, blocking the other’s exit from the shower with the bulk of his larger body.

He was an impressive creature to be confronted with, even when he did have clothes on. His entire 6’7” frame filled the small stall, crowding the unicorn but offering an agreeable vista. Olive skin soaked in the raining drops, allowing them to patter over a body that had been hardened by rigorous training and the carrying of heavy suits of gear up the sides of buildings and around accident sites with haste. There were one or tow patches of puckered, burnt flesh that had healed, and an enormous tattoo of a welsh dragon that sat curled over his shoulder, it’s head resting over his heart as it’s tail swept his bicep

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The Firehouse || Elliot x Lief


Elliot’s delicate brows drew in annoyance and his eyes flicked to Leif’s face before focusing back on his drink. If Leif’s sense of smell was near as acute as Elliot’s then there was no doubt that the red dragon could smell the arousal that was wafting off of the unicorn’s skin. It galled Elliot immensely that this was probably the case. He didn’t pick up his cards when Leif did, unwilling to play the dragon’s game now. Breathing in a slow breath, the god-creature sat up straight and met Leif’s bright eyes steadily. 

"The…the sex appeal magic-thing. It’s rude and I don’t appreciate it," The unicorn said under his breath. "If you’re going to make a habit of forcing this…this…unnatural attraction out of me, then you’re going to endanger both of us on the job.”

The god-creature hoped he sounded serious, because he was. The intensely magnetic pull he was feeling towards Leif was unlike any attraction he’d experienced before and it could impede the paramedic’s ability to focus. 

Leif had to take a moment, remaining silent for a clear minute before looking over the top of his cards to Elliot. He wasn’t sure what to say to him, how to say it… He was completely and utterly dumbfounded.

He was also trying very hard not to laugh…

He cleared his throat, folding his cards and setting them aside since it was rather clear to him that Elliot didn’t want to play. He leaned forward, placing his elbows to his knees before looking up at Elliot with emerald eyes.

"Hate to break it to you, but I haven’t got any sex magic. So any ‘unnatural’ attraction you got? That’s all you… Maybe a bit of that pretty pony inside you deciding to get it’s mythic on…"

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The Firehouse || Elliot x Lief


Elliot’s eyebrows lifted towards his eyebrow. Clearly Leif didn’t know the first thing about unicorns, but then… the only one Elliot had ever seen was himself, so he kept his trap shut on that matter. 

"I don’t look like a horse…." He grumbled out, still put off. "It’d be like saying you must look like a komodo dragon because you smell like a lizard." When Leif didn’t play his turn, Elliot fidgeted uncomfortably. Without the game to focus on, the red dragon’s gaze was heavy on his skin and the unicorn could feel it. His blue-green eyes flicked up, a little surprised at how openly Leif was eyeballing him now and Elliot’s cheeks heated again. 

The admittance of Leif’s desire to drag Elliot off didn’t help the hot flush and something hot coiled just behind the paramedic’s navel. Swallowing uncomfortably, Elliot crossed his legs. His dick was half hard and starting to thicken against his thigh and it made him nearly as uncomfortable as the dragon’s steady gaze. Leif was a man. And a dragon. Shouldn’t he want to run in the other direction? This brief meeting had the god-creature’s head spinning already.

"Yeah, and dragons are supposed to be symbolic of the devil, aren’t they? What do you think the chances are that I’d trust you far enough to throw you?" Elliot said quickly, sliding his mug back into his hands so he had something to focus on. The cold porcelain felt good under his hands and it helped him calm the pink that was spreading over his cheeks. He didn’t let his thoughts linger on Leif’s crude wondering for long. Clearing his throat, he levelled a cool glare at the man. He’d heard that Leif was gay from a member of the fire squad, but only as part of a warning not to make gay jokes.

"Also, I’m not into men. So you’re plum out of luck, Leif. You can stop that…whatever you’re doing."Elliot growled, assuming that the attraction was some magic that the dragon was working. 

Leif seemed a bit curious when the other said that he didn’t resemble a horse, but was silenced from asking when Elliot continued on. He made a mental note to ask later, but was unsure if the odd man would answer him or not. Something about Elliot struck him as a tad nervous, maybe it was the prey mentality, or how he’d jumped when Leif hit on him. It was adorable really…

He could tell his glance was making the other nervous, and it only further amused him to know. So he simply grinned, as he watched Elliot squirm in his seat and fiddle with his mug.

He watched at the unicorn’s cheeks coloured, the shade bringing a twinkle to his emerald eyes. That was one…he counted, admiring the hue of embarrassment, but only finding himself more curious what sort of shades lust might bring. He breathed deep, able to taste the arousal on the air like a snake as he breathed it in through his nose and let the air linger about the cavern of his mouth.

He paused in his savoring, brows knitting together as he considerred the other’s words. He didn’t pay much mind to the straight part. Plenty of men said that, and he even believed most of them. But here Elliot was drenched in the scent of desire but claiming he had none.

"Oh? and what is it I’m doing?" he asked idly, honestly curious what it was that Elliot was going on about. "You mean coming on to you? Gotta cast my line man, how you expect me to land a whopper if I don’t?" he asked, clearly teasing Elliot.

He picked up his cards, his interest in the game suddenly resurfacing.

"Got any 3’s?"

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The Firehouse || Elliot x Lief


The unfamiliar words jerked Elliot’s attention away from his embarrassment, as well as his coffee and he gave Leif a curious look. Red dragon…? It sounded like something out of a Thomas Harris novel, not a serious title. Trading the mug of coffee for a hand of cards, Elliot started playing. He only paid the game a half-mind, eyes flicking from the cards to Leif’s face. 

"Please don’t describe me-" Elliot started to mutter when he felt Leif’s foot caress his leg and the god-creature jumped in his seat. Tucking his legs out of reach, Elliot frowned at him. He was seriously beginning to suspect that sex appeal was Leif’s ability. A properly appalled expression crossed the blonde’s face when he heard Leif’s guess. The guess helped Elliot reign in his attraction rather efficiently. 

"A horse? A horse, am I-?” He caught himself before he raised his voice too loudly. Glaring at Leif, the paramedic shook his head and played his cards. 

"I’m a…" The words caught in Elliot’s throat. He hadn’t said the words out loud since he was seven. Sniffing, the blonde glared down at the cards on the table, not even realizing how pretentious he was sounding. "I’m a unicorn. White pelt, gold horn and all." 

Leif smiled when the other seemed a tad angered by his high aesthetic praise. Even more amused when his casual touch set the pretty pony even further on edge.

He flicked a thumb over his cards, but in truth they were forgotten in favor of examining the outrage that took over Elliot.

"Well that is a type of horse…" he murmured, knowing the words would do little to calm the other. But really he had no intention to. He found the new EMT’s reactions entirely too amusing. He found himself silently wondering if that emotional sensitivity translated into a physical one as well.

He bit his bottom lip, making no move to hide the way he eyed the other god-creature up and down. He pondered how many shades of pink and red he could turn that pale flesh.

The comment about the gold horn brought him back. He cocked a brow at Elliot, nodding faintly. “Well that explains why I have the sudden urge to drag you off somewhere deep and dark…” he let his words linger, in no rush to clarify them.

"Dragons like gold…" he purred finally, accompanying the dark murmur with an even dark grin.

He folded his hand of cards and set them to the side, no longer interested in keeping up appearances. “Unicorns are supposed to be some big symbol of chastity… gotta admit I’m a little curious what’d be like to fuck one…” he chuckled, making no move to be subtle about his interest.

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The Firehouse || Elliot x Lief


The low whistle caught Elliot’s attention and something cold flickered in his eyes. He thought the gesture rude, but the blonde found himself getting up anyways. Picking up his coffee mug by the mouth, the paramedic went to Leif’s table. 

"I’m not sure what there is to talk about…” Elliot admitted quietly as he slid into the chair across from Leif. Eyes lowered, the god-creature sucked on his teeth and tried to figure out what to say. Seattle was still pretty new to him, as was the tension that was rising amongst their kind. This close, the scent of dry, scaled skin, hot embers and metal were all the stronger and it tugged hard at his curiosity. 

"What…exactly… uh…" He licked his lips, fidgeting in his seat. "You…aren’t like me, right? I mean, you are, but…not quite?" Elliot’s eyes lifted and he really let himself look at the man. Leif was taller by half a head and his features were striking, something that sent another ripple of discomfort through the young man. Wariness mixed with… it took Elliot a moment, but he realized that he actually thought that Leif was attractive. Not attractive in the abstract either; he thought that Leif looked good. Sexually. Despite being a man.

Heat rose in Elliot’s neck, cheeks and ears, confusing the man as much as it embarrassed him. Was this some part of Leif’s magic? Sex appeal? If Elliot himself had some magical abilities, then he imagined Leif did too. Lifting his mug up, the god-creature stared into his drink steadily as he drank, willing the blush to dissipate. 

Leif waited till Elliot took a seat before he began to deal out cards casually. To him it wasn’t just a way to pass the time, it was a cover as well. Two men in hushed conversation was always a curiosity in the insular world of the firehouse. This way he’d have an excuse to be talking to the new paramedic should anyone walk in.

"You want to play it like that?" he asked, the corner of his lip twitching up in a slight, sarcastic smile as he unfurled his cards. "Go fish, double points for a four way match…" he explained idly.

"You want to play it off like you didn’t notice something was up the second you walked in to meet the crew? You know as well as I do that we need to talk this out or risk going primal on each other later…" he
 continued on.

He looked up at the question, smiling. So Elliot had been curious…

Y Ddraig Goch" he replied, his accent a little off. "The red dragon" he clarified at the other’s bemused expression.

Emerald eyes locked onto Elliot as he inspected him scutinously. “Let’s see now… Pretty face, long legs…” He brushed his foot up against the other’s calf under the table with a smirk. “And you smell sweet, like hay… Gotta be a horse….”

Something tickled at him beneath the surface as he teased the nervous newcomer. He felt a calm lay over him, more so than usual. Something warm and tantalizing licked at his senses and he had made the strange, albeit completely reasonable assumption that Elliot was the cause.




He was a simple creature really, and it was a short list of things that made him feel so completely and utterly relaxed. Somehow, something about Elliot was setting those primal instincts off.